Parks in NPNA

The NPNA neighborhood is fortunate to have TWO city parks:  Cox Lane Park and Northaven Park.

NPNA partners actively with the City of Dallas to ensure parks are well maintained and used only for authorized purposes.  These parks are true gems in our neighborhood, with Joe’s Creek running through both of the park’s western boundaries.  NPNA is committed to the long term preservation and beauty of these parks for the enjoyment of our neighbors, as well as various events NPNA sponsors throughout the year.

The NPNA Board of Directors provides a liaison for our Dallas Parks, who can be contacted by emailing:

Cox Lane Park

Located on Royal Lane and Peter Pan Drive, Cox Lane Park sits quietly on the north side of Royal, alongside Joe’s Creek and the most southern part of the NPNA neighborhood.  The park includes open green space areas, a playground with water fountain, and a lovely footbridge to the west that spans across Joe’s Creek into the streets of surrounding homes.

Northaven Park

Covering 2+ city blocks, this park is adjacent on the west to Withers Elementary School on Northaven Road.  With Joe’s Creek running along the west side of the park, the beauty of the creek is complemented with a number of attractions.  A large playground, complete with a water fountain and port-o-let facility, is found in the shade of the trees along Joe’s Creek and next to 1 of 2 baseball fields used for sporting activities (reservation only).  At the northwest part of the park, two tennis courts are available with a water fountain adjacent to its entry.